My name is Rachel King and I created Toll Genealogy to provide information about how to ‘do’ genetic genealogy for beginners.

When I was trying to solve my own genetic genealogy mystery I was struck by how difficult it was to learn what I needed to do, and often the material I found online was just too complex for what I actually needed to know. Wading through tons of material to find what I needed was time-consuming and took away mental energy I needed to work on solving my mystery.

As time went on I developed my own methods for doing research, drawing on my skills gained from my education and work experience, and I of course learned what not to do as well.  Since becoming interested in genetic genealogy I’ve helped people find answers to their own mysteries, but wanted to empower people to do it for themselves, so Toll Genealogy was born.

John Thomas Toll in his WWI United States Air Service uniform

Toll Genealogy is named for my great-grandfather, John Thomas Toll, identified using genetic genealogy in January 2018, after a lifetime’s search (but just over a year since my first DNA test).







Professional Bio information

  • 2008: 2.1 LLB (Hons) Law with American Law from the University of Nottingham
  • 2017: First successful adoptee case success – both parents identified in a closed adoption case
  • 2018: (October) became a volunteer forensic genealogist with the DNA Doe Project
  • 2019: (January) first case solve for the DNA Doe Project (as part of a team working on the case). As of December 2019 I have been on the team for four ‘solved’ cases for the DDP.
  • 2019: Certificate in Genealogical Research gained (Boston University)
  • 2019/2020: Pursuing the PgCert in Genealogical, Palaeographic & Heraldic Studies (University of Strathclyde), due to be completed 2020.

DNA Consultancy specialisms

  • Unknown parentage/Adoption/Foundling/John and Jane Does
  • Historic misattributed parentage (grandparent to 2x grandparent level)
  • DNA match analysis and genetic networks identifying (ie. ‘real human’ Leeds method/clustering)
  • Strategic advice on target testing and/or knocking down brick walls with genetic genealogy
  • One on one teaching/specialised consultation via Zoom or Skype
  • My hourly rate is around £45 but all quotations are tailored to the individual and I provide different options wherever possible; all quotations are provided on a no-obligation basis and include at least 30 minutes of my time looking at your DNA results free of charge.

Traditional genealogy

  • I do not undertake purely ‘traditional’ genealogy work currently (though of course traditional genealogy forms part of my work for all genetic genealogy cases since you can’t have one without the other).
  • I do provide an ‘on the ground’ research lookup service for other genealogists who can’t get to London, please contact me for availability and pricing.