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Welcome to Toll Genealogy! 

DNA can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  The primary aim of Toll Genealogy is to educate everyone on how to ‘do’ genetic genealogy. 

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Recent Posts

Gedmatch Opt-In: A Plea

Gedmatch: A Plea - Please Opt-in Forgive me the indulgence (it's my blog after all), but today I need to write about something really close to my heart. I will try and be as objective as I possibly can, but I'm not going to be 100% successful.  But I have something to...

All About 23andMe

In this week’s article, I want to give you a thorough-ish overview of 23andMe DNA kits looking at both the ancestry and health services it offers. 23andMe is slightly different than its competitors in that its focus is health information, with genealogy and its DNA...

DNA Underwhelm – Things to do with your DNA results

DNA overwhelm is something that has been mentioned in my blog articles before, but today I thought I would change tack and write about the opposite subject – DNA results underwhelm.  This feeling occurs, usually in non-genealogists, when they get their results through...

AncestryDNA: 10 Tips for working with your AncestryDNA matches

Did you buy an AncestryDNA test kit recently? Or have you been looking at your results feeling overwhelmed because you don't know what to do with them? Or worse - have you not looked at your results because you looked at them once and got a little unnerved at all...

What is genetic genealogy?

So, what is Genetic Genealogy then?   I realised recently that I’d missed something quite crucial when I started this website up.  I’ve never explained what genetic genealogy actually is.  I realise lots of my readers are familiar with what genetic genealogy is...

Privacy DNA & Gedmatch: What you need to know

Privacy, DNA & Gedmatch - What you need to know, and why I believe you should upload your DNA to Gedmatch. DNA testing and Privacy - 101 There is a lot of discussion about DNA testing and Privacy lately, and rightly so.  You should understand what can be done with...


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