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Welcome to Toll Genealogy! 

DNA can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!  The primary aim of Toll Genealogy is to educate everyone on how to ‘do’ genetic genealogy. 

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Recent Posts

Alert – Ancestry DNA test kits now on sale!!

Ancestry DNA test kits now on sale - again! Ancestry has just announced that their DNA test kits are back on sale for the holiday season, and it appears to be for the US, Canada, UK, and Australia markets.  If you wanted a reminder of why Ancestry should be your first...

My story – searching for my American great-grandfather (part two)

Welcome to part two of my story - searching for my great-grandfather!  For Part one, click here. Where we left the story After DNA testing in an effort to find my grandfather Jack's father, I had two close matches; the unidentifiable Bob, and the deceased Charles, and...

DNA Testing – the full lowdown

Welcome to the first in a more in-depth series about DNA testing.  Today’s topic will give you a little more information about the types of different test, and a round up of the different test companies, building on the information I gave in my previous post ’10...

Alert – DNA Test kits on sale now!

Ancestry US is currently offering special deals on its DNA testing kits - offer ends tomorrow, Sunday 21 October at 11.59pm eastern time. You can get the test for $69 plus shipping, or bundle a 6 month US discovery membership for $99 plus shipping. The latter is a...

Starting your genealogy research – Part Two!

Welcome to part two of my guide to getting your family tree started.  This post focuses on English and Welsh records only, but scoot to the end of the post for links for information for Scottish, Irish and US records.   Once you’ve gathered all the information...


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