Thanks for the interest in checking out my consulting services page.

At this time I have a full roster of clients, and so am not taking new bookings at this time. If you are interested in having me work with you, please leave your email in the below form so you will be the first to know when I am taking new clients on. For more information about what I do, please keep reading!

Does any of this describe you?


I want to get started with my genealogy and family history but I feel overwhelmed and never really get started.


I would love to know more about my roots and it’s on my mental to-do list, but I just can’t find the time to do it.


I tried using Ancestry/Find My Past / The Genealogist etc. once but found it confusing and/or expensive to use.  I bought a subscription by the month and then never found time to use it but kept forgetting to cancel it.


I tried to search for my relative but there are too many John Smiths in the world, I couldn’t work out which was my John Smith.

Or how about this?


I would love to know about my roots but I have unknown parentage on one or more sides of my family tree and I just don’t know how to get over that.

I thought I knew my family tree and I did a DNA test for interest and found out something that has me questioning what I thought.

I did my DNA test but have no idea where to even start making sense of my DNA matches.

In an ideal world, you’d understand how to do family history research in the most efficient, organised way, whether it’s ‘traditional’ genealogy that has you floundering, or you want to understand your DNA matches.  You’d be able to create a family tree and know more about your roots, and you’d understand how to search for records without it costing an arm and a leg.

I felt like this too – right back when I started with genealogy and took weeks to get past the first hurdle of not knowing how to use the microfiche and microfilm readers at my local records office to even start looking for my family records, and trying to understand how to use FamilySearch and Ancestry correctly.  And when I got my DNA results for the first time I was totally overwhelmed; not just because I didn’t yet understand what to do with the results, but because I suddenly had all these relatives, and who were they all?!

I can help you:

  • Start and progress your family tree
  • Uncover your family roots
  • Help you understand how to do research efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Understand how and where to obtain records, and any costs involved.
  • Provide you with resources to organise and record your research so you don’t end up floundering
  • Make sense of your DNA matches
  • Help you use your DNA results to find biological relatives and ancestors

My primary expertise is for those with British or American roots, but if your background is from somewhere else, just drop me a line, I’ll let you know if I can help you, or will point you in the right direction if I can.

How we work together

  • I’ll start by sending you a simple questionnaire to fill out, which will cover basic things that you know about your background, and DNA results if that is applicable to you.   


  • If you need help analysing your DNA results I will ask you to let me view your DNA results, and will work with you as to the best way to do this, depending on where you’ve tested.


  • Once you return this to me, I’ll get in touch with you to arrange a 30-minute video or audio phone session approximately a week to 10 days later.  I use a service called Zoom for video calls, but we can Skype or Facetime if that is better for you.


  • Before our video/phone call, I will get to work for you uncovering as much information for you as I can.   This will involve up to six hours of work on my part.  On our call, I will run through with you what I have established and answer any questions you may have.


  • Within 24 hours of our call, I will follow up our telephone conversation with an emailed report and suggested next steps for you to research further, and recommendations on how to do that in the most efficient manner.  If it’s relevant for you, this will also include pdf worksheets to help you keep track. I will also send you your ‘starter’ family tree as a GEDCOM – this is a file format that can be imported directly into any family tree software, or directly into web-based tree builders such as Ancestry.


  • I’ll also invite you to a further follow up session 10 to 15 days later.  This will give you some time to digest the information I’ve found for you, and give us a chance to discuss any questions you have stemming from your report.

It is possible to make family history discoveries for the majority of people, so rest assured.  I cannot guarantee to find out everything you want to know, but I’ve never had a situation where I could find no answers at all.  If you happen to be the exception to the rule and I don’t think I can help you, rest assured you’ll get a full refund! 



My name is Rachel and I am passionate about genealogy and helping people to find their roots.