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Ancestry DNA Test Kits now on saleAncestry DNA test kits now on sale – again!

Ancestry has just announced that their DNA test kits are back on sale for the holiday season, and it appears to be for the US, Canada, UK, and Australia markets.  If you wanted a reminder of why Ancestry should be your first port of call if you are testing to find DNA relatives, they have also announced that 20 million people have now taken their DNA tests.


Country-specific sale details as follows:

Ancestry US:  Marketed as ‘Holiday Sale’;  Kit costs $59 plus shipping (Standard shipping is $9.95 for first kit, $4.95 thereafter / Expedited $24.95 for first kit, $12.95 thereafter).  Offer price ends 21 November 2018 (again, just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday….).  You can also purchase a gift subscription for 20% off the usual prices.

Ancestry UK: Marketed as ‘Early Bird Christmas Sale’; Kit costs £69 plus shipping (Standard shipping is £9.99 for the first kit, £4.99 for each extra.  If you want it quick, it’s £19.99 for the first kit, £9.99 thereafter).  Offer price ends 20 November 2018 (just in time for US Thanksgiving… leading me to think there will also be a Black Friday deal price).

Ancestry Canada: also marketed as ‘Holiday Sale’.  Kit costs CAD $99 plus shipping (Standard shipping is CAD $19.99 plus CAD $10 for one additional kit; they also offer expedited shipping but I was unable to obtain info as to how much that is, probably about double the standard costs if it’s in line with other countries).  Offer ends 14 November 2018.

Ancestry Australia: I was unable to obtain specific pricing or end date but it appears to be 20% off the usual price.


Note – Since publishing this I’ve seen a few reports from people that they aren’t seeing sale pricing; if that’s the case for you, try logging out of your Ancestry account, deleting your browser cache, and then logging in again.  Ancestry appears to be having a few technical issues at the moment, so I suspect it’s down to that.